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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another visit to Flatofrd

Trish is up for a concert and we were meeting up with friends Rebecca & Stuart. Rebecca & Stuart had never been to Flatford, Trish wanted to try the scone so off we went.

Weather wise it has been rubbish all week and today? Look at that sky!!!

We took Rebecca & Stuart to see where the Hay Wain was painted!

We went for a stroll to Dedham

This pair have had quite the brood!!


Dedham Church

Interesting wall of one of the houses.

We had arrived before Rebecca and Stuart. But they realised that they were friends of mine.... I raelly don't understand why!

So lunch time... Brie & Bacon scone.

These chaps shared our table!

Good year for Painted Ladies!

In the RSPB garden at Flatford - any id appreciated!

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Ragged Robin said...

Gorgeous photos and I love the wood carvings. I might be wrong but I think the butterfly is a Large Skipper - sometimes difficult to tell from just the underwing.