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Monday, May 22, 2017

Paycocke's House

I tacked an extra day on to my leave as Dad had an eye appointment this morning - all fine. So after lunch I made good use of the fine weather to head to Paycocke's.

Paycocke's has a small tearoom and I was looking for a cold drink.... what? scones? they have scones!?

As I have said before Paycocke's is a small tudor merchant house. It was restored in the early 20th century. Today it shows off the rooms and tells you something about the cloth and lace trade in the small market town of Coggeshall.

The idea of this device is you put a candle in the middle and the light gets magnified and spread out.

Clarence reading about Thomas Paycocke's will.

I particularly like Paycocke's lovely small garden.

Clarence enjoying the flowers

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Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete - looks such an interesting house and the garden is just beautiful :)