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Saturday, May 06, 2017


I ended up at Lavenham today.... as you do!

Lavenham Guildhall was built by the Wool Trade. The guildhall was founded in 1529. The wool trade decline and by 1689, and until 1787, the guildhall was in use as the Bridewell, and was then used as the workhouse.

Right to Left

Pint 4.5 gallons 20 Litres
Firkin 9 gallons 41 Litres
Kilderkin 18 gallons 82 Litres
Barrel 36 gallons 164 Litres

There was also a 112 gallon (509 Litres) Spanish Oak Butt used to transport 110 gallons (500 Litres) of Amontillado Sherry (I forgot to take a photo!!)

This is a mark to stop demons coming down the chimney

I love the way the guildhall takes you through all of its uses and tells you about some of the people involved.

These tell you individual stories

I REALLY MUST visit the Little Hall one day!

I had planned to have soup at Melford Hall but it was closed as the family were having a wedding... hey ho.

Still I do like a walk around Lavenham.

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Ragged Robin said...

It is such a lovely place - love all the buildings and interesting to read about the Guildhall. Always enjoy your posts on Lavenham and never tire of the photos :)