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Friday, April 14, 2017

Anglesey Abbey

It's Easter. This is good because it means 4 days off! It is bad because the world and their children are out doing Easter Egg hunts (yes I know it brings in money which helps to preserve places I love but still..... ;) )

I REALLY didn't know where to go where I might escape the hordes (lots of Trust places are putting parking updates on twitter) but I off I went early and ended up at Anglesey Abbey.

The Trust did a brilliant job with their Egg Hunt (and the word Easter was displayed prominently) in that it was in the other direction from my route ;) So as I walked to the mill via the winter garden I was all alone! I didn't pass a soul until I got to the house!!

The Silver Birches are looking fab with the tulips.

The scone!

As I left it was HEAVING!

I have now washed the car!! FAINT!

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Ragged Robin said...

Glorious photos Pete - glad to see you escaped the hordes! I tend to stay in bank holidays for that reason!!! You can only get admission to our 2 local NT properties over Easter if you pre-book tickets!!!