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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Not what I was expecting

The storm last week blew out a fence panel (which I've replaced) and cracked the fence post which is more of a git to repair!

I had a quote earlier in the week but this seemed excessive.. so another chap was coming today at 9:15. Since I wasn't going anywhere early and my barbers opens early I thought I'd get my haircut. Switched the car on and found my passenger light had gone!

So hair cut ! by 8:15!! The barber was early and opened early !! Sir came up to negotiate the gate post and I went to Halfords to get a light bulb fitted.... Alas Halfords couldn't fit it!!

Went home to find that the other chap was over half the price of the other chap so booked for Monday! Phoned my Hyundai dealer who said to bring the car in and they replaced it whilst I waited.

So a lot later than planned we headed out and just went to Finchingfield for a ride.

The church


Ragged Robin said...

By coincidence OH had to replace fence panels and posts (he is not happy has hurt his wrist!) and back windscreen wiper on car packed up :(

Lovely village and church - glad you got out for a short while :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Glad you've got everything sorted re fence and headlight and could escape finally.. your Hyundai garage is definitely a goody and Finchingfield is always lovely..