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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not as intended

For varying reasons I decided to go to London this morning and reasoned that it would be the chance to FINALLY visit a target church in Kilburn.

I breakfasted at Pret and then wandered into Stanfords to pick up a map for next weeks holiday. So after a stroll to Oxford Street....

I got the tube to Kilburn...

We stopped outside Baker Street when an announcement came and said there were signal problems and our journey would be very slow so I just got off at Baker Street

and headed home.... ;)

So I picked up my dSLR bag and headed to Rye Meads. On arrival I found I had the telephoto lens but no body.... This was not my day was it! So I stuck the travel compact in my jacket pocket and wandered around.

As I wandered to the Kingfisher hide I espied a Chiffchaff! That small grey herald of Spring. Curiously I always tend to see them at Rye Meads about this weekend if I'm there!

It was a glorious day weather wise.... you could feel the warmth. From a bird perspective highlights were Chiffchaff, Oystercatcher x2, a Buzzard and 2 Great Crested Grebe.... the later surprisingly rare there.


Nora said...

Seems like you got good shots with the little camera anyway! So many early buds and flowers, darn we are well behind here. What strange bird names you have, Chiffchaff. I am not sure where the names come from for all the birds and the ducks but it is interesting when you read blogs all around the world and see all their names. I even get surprises when we have a new bird fly in here with some wacky name. Why is it called a Chiffchaff?

Pete Duxon said...

Hi Nora

it's called a chiffchaff as it's song sort of sounds like Chiffchaff!! very unoriginal!!