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Thursday, February 09, 2017

The Baroque

After my abortive attempt to get to Saffron Hall a few weeks ago I was there again Friday. Luckily this time the M11 was behaving itself and I got there comfortably on time.

I was off to see the English Concert which is a Baroque Orchestra and for the evening they were led by the celebrated baroque Violinist Rachel Podger (a former leader of the orchestra). The programme was based around JS Bach with pieces by his son CPE Bach and GP Teleman (CPE's godfather).

JS Bach - Orchestral Suite No 1 in C
GP Teleman - Sonata a 6 in F minor
CPE Bach - Symphony for strings and continuo in G
JS Bach -  Orchestral Suite No 2  for violin, strings and continuo in A minor
GP Teleman - Concerto for three oboes and three violins in B flat
JS Bach - Double concerto for violin and oboe in C minor

the encore was JS Bach's Air on a G string.

I was surprised that there was so many empty seats... It was all finely played as you  would expect but I had some highlights.

The Teleman sonata in F was a very thoughtful piece that I enjoyed.  The CPE Bach was much more "classical" in style. Much more akin to Haydn than his father and I liked it. The second orchestral suite was good but the highlight was the double concerto. I liked the interplay of violin and oboe.

A good evening!

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Tricia Ryder said...

Was a relief that this was a successful journey; agree.. excellent concert and some new pieces for me... loved the double concerto .. first time I've heard it and something completely different... a very well integrated group of musicians...