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Sunday, May 28, 2017


I took sir out for a ride in the country..... We often end up at Clare Country Park as its a nice journey and when we park there's a good view if sir doesn't fancy a walk he can sit and watch the world (and read the paper whilst listening to the radio).

I like it as it's a nice stroll with lots of wildlife.

The bench is a replacement so the little vase of flowers is no doubt a memorial... the wild flower appeal to me so much more than some expensive shop bought bouquet.

As ever a nice visit.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


As I wandered to my local Costa first thing for breakfast the sun was shining and it warm.

I wasn't sure where to go today as traffic at a bank holiday can be awful. I wanted to go somewhere different but ended up heading to Ickworh. As I looked into the rear view mirror there was an ominous dark cloud whereas a head was a blue sky.

I headed to the lake....

the clouds looked ominous and so I headed back to the Italianate garden just in case!

It started to rain heavily and headed for a cuppa...As I queued it hammered down and there were rumbles of Thunder!!

By the time I left it had cleared.

Ah the blue skies are back!