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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Wimpole Estate

I was up early to do Dad's shopping and delivered it before he was up! I took him a cup of tea up with a paper and the cheeky git asked me if I could pop his porridge on and bring it up (he soaks the porridge in the milk overnight apparently)!!!

It was a nice morning so I went for a stroll around Wimpole.

How odd to see a rose at the end of the year!!! There was a daffodil out as well.

Sadly the cheese lady wasn't there!!! But there was a posy Sparrow

And the scone was really good. Still warm.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Well firstly I hope you have all had a good Christmas. Mine was uhm eventful.

Dad made a slow recovery and by Christmas day Evening was getting better. Boxing Day he awoke and was fine and we went for a ride. I awoke on the 27th and sir had no sleep! Great.

We had a follow up appointment with his doctor and his blood pressure was fine and he was getting better. Unfortunately as the day ended he was in a bad way. I guessed this was due to lack of sleep and he went to bed. By 10pm no sleep and I had to follow him to the loo.... and he was saying he doubted I could leave him in the morning,

As you can imagine I didn't sleep much and when I heard him walking to the loo at 2am I was worried but he had some sleep and was nipping along. When I woke this morning he said he was going to lay in but could I bring him some porridge as he wanted to eat before I went to work and he felt ok.

I phoned him and he was fine and he was ok tonight and didn't want me to stay over. I'll take him out for a ride Sunday as he s a bit stir crazy.

Yesterday did throw up some nice surprises there was a Fox playing in the snow outside Dad's doctors and as I drove around Harlow I was gob smacked to see a Little Egret poking around for food by the side of the road.

Some pics from the Boxing drive tour (Dad was sat in the car reading a paper).

The church was decorated with Christmas trees.