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Saturday, November 26, 2016


It was foggy when I woke up and so I never flew out of bed early..... but heading towards Ickworth the fog lifted and the sun came out!!!


and apparently I am doing my bit to restore & preserve the Italianate Garden

I had a Gingerbread Scone for lunch..... it was such a nice day I sat out and ate outside!! I even took my coat off!!

As I sat there a couple of friends wandered past! What a small world.....

Very surprised to see TWO Red Admiral butterflies!!

What a glorious day!! More please!


Tricia Ryder said...

Wow - what a lovely day weatherwise.. dull & cloudy here... love the sky/clud pics.....and scones, at last, sound good.. especially the ginger one!!

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete - nice to see some blue sky :) Great to see not one but two Red Admirals :) I like the sound of the gingerbread scone! Haven't seen Cuthbert in a while - hope he is ok. If you ever tire of him I could offer him a home :)))))

Pete Duxon said...

Cuthbert is well and will be on photo duty this weekend!! He is very happy