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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 2 - Walking the Walls of Lucca

Lucca's best feature is that it has a complete set of medieval walls. These are a wonderful resource and on a Sunday the Lucchese use them to walk and cycle. They are wonderful to stroll along.

Ah a Little Egret!!

The Duomo...... more another day!

We dropped down off the walls into the botanic garden.

Back to the wall walk

The old bastions are still around the walls in various states of completion.

We popped down to the Piazza San Frediano for a coffee... more on the church later.

This is the Palazzo Pfanner with its pretty garden.

So with the wall walked we headed into town for some food

We had a pizza on the Piazza Anfiteatro

And then walked to the garden of the Palazzo Pfanner

I believe this is a Geranium Bronze.

And a look inside San Michele

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Ragged Robin said...

Lucca looks charming - the botanical gardens are a delight and the medieval walls sound wonderful to walk round. Great pics :) Love "beware the duck" !! :)