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Friday, September 23, 2016

That time of the year

Actually I noticed this a few weeks ago but as it was the Autumn Equinox this week....

There comes a point in the year where I find getting up hard! In summer it is easy the sun rises early and even at 5am I wake to bright sunshine (well usually cloudy grey but you get the point). I throw back the duvet and off I go (well perhaps not quite so enthusisastic.. )

A few weeks back I first noticed that I was waking up in the dark and when I got out of bed I needed lights on. At least when I left when I left for work it was ok, however on returning from the last holiday I noticed that now I have to put the lights on when I start out and I guess the time is nigh when I'll need them all the way and when I leave of an evening.

The upshot of this is that getting up is difficult and I always feel more tired! It seems lack of light makes me more tired!

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