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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Little Moreton Hall

Isn't typical, weeks of sunshine then you go on holiday and it rains!!

I did get up as early as expected so didn't get to the church I hoped for, still may get it Monday.

I went first to Little Moreton Hall. The house is a half timbered moated manor house parts of which date to 1504. It was built upon by the Moreton family until 1610. The floors are totally uneven and makes you  think you had drunk too much!!

There is little original furniture in the house but it is a fascinating building to walk around. The gardens were long abandoned and the NT have replanted in a Tudor style.


The fireplace looks at angle but it is the only straight thing!

On a nice day I would have sat and read but onward and upwards alas !


Ragged Robin said...

What a superb place - it is one NT property that I've always wanted to visit. A shame about the weather (hope it is better tomorrow for you) but you took some great pictures. Cuthbert and Mr Quacks look happy :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Incredible building.. looks like it defies gravity to stay upright.
Hope weather improves for you... Cuthbert seems to be enjoying his first hols with you & Quacks ...