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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Walking along the River

Not as hot today! Typical really get to a bank holiday and ....

Anyway I went to Flatford and took a stroll along the river to Dedham.....

It is a long walk so young Cuthbert needed a rest as he only has little legs!

Now as a rule I prefer a fruit to savoury scone but I do like the Savoury Cream tea at Flatford

Cuthbert is now a sconepal!!

It was a lovely walk.... the one annoyance were the dog walkers who seem to think that the signs saying dogs should be on leave didn't apply to them.


National Trust Scones said...

Cuthbert IS a Sconepal!

Tricia Ryder said...

Cuthbert looks happy to be a sconepal

Really like the 3rd Cormorant pic..

Ragged Robin said...

Good to see Cuthbert on his first outing :) The savoury scone tea looks delicious :) Know the feeling about dogs not being on leads :(