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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hill Top, Claife Viewing station et al

First stop this morning was Hill Top the home of Beatrix Potter, appropriate in her 150th anniversary.

There are 6 rooms open and it has been left as it was in Potter's day.

Trish with Mr Pringle

Me with Mr Pringle

We drove down to Claife Viewing station at Windemere

There was one scone left!!

We wandered to Esthwaite alas no Osprey! Taking one of the picnics from Claife (nice pies, cheese, chutney, coleslaw, tomatoes and Crisps)


1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Ooh Hill Top :) They didn't allow photos when we were there last!! And I spy a teapot in the parlour/kitchen which I suspect is the sole reason my son doesn't like NT places and after first visit, has refused to go into Hill Top!

AND you've been to Brathay - in my top 5 of favourite places ever :)

Looks like you have had such a lovely week. Have to persuade my family to return - so miss the Lake District!

Thanks so much for sharing and bringing back so many happy memories :)