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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Greenway & Compton Castle but not as planned

Greenway was the holiday home of Agatha Christie yes that Agatha Christie. There is limited parking and the National Trust ask you to use green transport which is either a boat (which I did a few years back) or steam train. If you wish to park you book in advance. Well like a good little NT member I had the details worked out for getting the train, I arrived in Paignton and followed the signs to the multistory car park that was recommended........ £8? HOW MUCH. Now there are few things that I am my father's son on but car parks I resent..... Yes no doubt there are cheaper car parks further away but I was a little miffed!!

I headed off elsewhere and then realised that this smart phone thingy could look up the phone number for the parking booking line and I could book for tomorrow.... but wait I could get in today!! So I booked a slot 10:15-2:30 and dutifully arrived.

You can imagine Ms Marple on one of these in Nemesis.

The boys hopped on board!

Now on my previous visit it was strictly NO PHOTOS but things have changed and I was not prepared! oh well.

And can I say,,,,OC moment coming up,

MP3 anyone?

I naturally approve!

This was done by American officer during WWII

It is very heavy!!

So off to look around the garden.

is that sun ??

I adjourned for lunch!

This little chapped joined me. At one point he hopped onto Quacks bag but which was next to the camera!!

I've seem very few dragons this year!

Oh that sky!!!

So I sat in a deckchair and read. Unfortunately my check out time was approaching so off I toddled.

So back at the car where to? Ooh I know there is Compton Castle nearby.

Compton is the home of the Gilbert family one of whom Sir Humphrey Gilbert took possession of Newfoundland for the English. The Gilbert's eventually lost Compton and it came in to the ownership of the Acland family who owned Killerton House (curiously both properties are now in the care of the NT). Eventually the castle became derelict and was eventually bought back by a descendant of Sir Humphrey who restored the castle before giving the property to the trust.

Actually Compton is not really a castle but a fortified manor.

alas no photos inside, the Gilbert's still live there so you'll need to be satisfied with pics of the small but lovely garden. The roses smelt lovely!

The sun was warm so I put my feet up and read. Glorious!


Tricia Ryder said...

That baby robin is gorgeous... pity about the train ride but... and lovely place to visit :)

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful gardens and super photos. Good to see some Sun:)