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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Buckland Abbey

The Buckland Abbey twitter feed tweeted Mr Quacks (yes you read that right!) the following

Mr Quacks if you come to Buckland Abbey be sure to ask to meet Francis the drake

Well I was planning to go today, so I was standing in the reception and said that the twitter feed had told me to ask for Francis Drake.

they looked at me a bit blank. I explained that well it was Mr Quacks who was the recipient (his head popping out of the bag) and comprehension dawned.... a phone call was made and James appeared with Buckland's mascot....

And this is another reason I love the National Trust :) Thanks James!

It was raining ... this is not what I wanted but well it is a British summer ;)

It is must be spooky in here at night!

loving these deckchairs ! Alas no use today.

Buckland was obviously an abbey. Whereas some former abbey's don't look like abbey's Buckland really does as you'll see.

It is not one of the bigger NT properties (although I rather like it!) and much of its celebrity is based on being the home of Sir Francis Drake.... you know that blow who had a game of bowls and then sunk the armada! That is until a couple of years back when it was found that a portrait was not by a pupil of Rembrandt but BY Rembrandt. I suspect it is now worth as much, if not more, than the whole estate.

The drum is Drake's drum..... apparently when England is in peril it will beat.

Sir Francis and Lady Drake.

The top floor shows off naval and abbey life.

Mr Quacks pondering is next move in the Soldier's Game

There was also an exhibition of modern art by local artists..... some of it was very good. There was a painting that would look great on my wall and a great Kingfisher sculpture.

In the wild garden there was a rather nice little hut where I could read.


ooh a mat in my honour!

Despite the rubbish weather it as a nice day!


Ragged Robin said...

Am going to risk predictive text!!GReat post,photos and ABbey. Love Francis Drake. Hope weather improves!!!!!

Tricia Ryder said...

so glad Quacks got to meet Francis the Drake.. and the Abbey looks a great place to visit ;)