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Sunday, June 12, 2016

A wet Sunday

Alas we have a wet Sunday afternoon. When I say wet I mean an annoying drizzle and I could have gone somewhere but I decided I'd have a lazy afternoon reading my book etc. So the highlight of my day was an urban Fox.

Dad's washing machine is playing up again so sir is not happy. I keep suggesting he just buys a new one but he will keep persevering.....

I seem to be getting on ok with the "smart" phone! Having a kindle with you permanently is handy as is being able to look things up on the interweb. 

What else is on the cards? Now I know this will shock all of you but I have a holiday coming up!! Unusual I know but this time I off on my own for a week of peace and quiet in Devon. So what can you expect? Well a week of National Trust properties and me eating scones! Oh and the odd church will make an appearance. I have one church left to visit in Devon which I aim to get this time (it is only open on Wednesday afternoons!) and I also have a couple of Somerset churches on my target list.

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