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Monday, May 30, 2016

Not as planned

The weather was grey and cold more like March than end of May! I had no real plans I sorted of headed off. I was driving along the a120 towards Braintree (dual carriageway) when the car behaved strangely, either the road was very rough or I had a puncture! Luckily I was by a lay-by so pulled in. The rear passenger tyre was flat..... sigh

Annoyingly the car doesn't come with a proper spare but a space saver... these are designed to be used for approx 50 miles and have a 50mph/80kph speed limit... This is irritating but at least it isn't one of those stupid puncture repair kits!!

so I changed tyres drove to the next junction and headed back.....

Obviously I was driving a lot slower than everyone else and got the odd look. I turned off the dual carriageway as soon as possible as I drove through Dunmow there was a tyre place so I got a new tyre. The old one had a sizeable hole, wonder what I hit? A repair kit would never have worked.

That sort of put a damper on any plans so I just headed to Thaxted for a quick wander.

some church gargoyles.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


I took sir to Ickworth today.

The promised sun was a bit slow in coming out

The Lambs are growing up fast.

and then the sun came out.