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Friday, April 01, 2016

Day 5 - Mantova/Mantua

Well we hopped on a train to Mantova/Mantua. The approach in to town was not exactly promising but things improved!

The lovely church of San Andrea

The Duomo and the Palazzo Ducale (now a museum). Also not a bad view to take in whilst drinking your Cafe Latte.

The gardens.....

The Duomo

Virgil the Roman poet who was born here.

Castello di San Giorgio

This has been identified as the house of Rigoletto ever since Verdi wrote his opera.

The palace

Rotundo di San Lorenzo

Well you could walk to the top so....

some good views.

We wandered ...

To the Palazzo Te

and then headed to the station

A few night shots.

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

The churches are stunning Pete - so beautiful :)

I really don't need reminding of Virgil - had to learn huge chunks of the Aeneid (i.e. the translation) for Latin "O" level :(