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Saturday, March 05, 2016

This and that!

I seem to have missed the 10th Anniversary of the blog which was 21st February! Hey ho.

Thursday I came down with a sore throat and it has turned into a cold, first of the winter I think! So blocked noses caused an interrupted nights sleep but I then woke at 7:30 which for your blogger is quite late! Still if I have to have a cold it picked the right weekend. And when I looked out of the window we had a sharp frost.

I eventually headed to Stortford to do some shopping by which time it was snowing! I ought to add that for OC's benefit it never settled..... stop laughing!

So then where to? I headed to Flatford to have a cuppa and a scone. Ok I appreciate that this is a bit far but I decided I could do some other shopping at the same time.

Annoyingly Flatford have got rid of their scone of the month and replaced it with a bake of the month. Luckily this month the bake is a scone and it was Stilton and Walnut.

And it was a well baked scone worthy of Mr Quacks approval

I stopped off on the way home to get some essential supplies.

In other news I have a cracked wine glass so new glasses have been purchased and my kettle has decided to break and I'm using an ancient one until I decide to get a new one!

1 comment:

Tricia Ryder said...

Glad Quacks approved of the scone.. a high note... on a very cold day!!

As you say, if cold to appear then better now in than in a few days ... at least with the glass and kettle that's the three things out the way.... :) feel better soon .....