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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Musical London break

So I was off today for a lunchtime concert at LSO St Lukes. As ever I was early...

I stopped for breakfast at Pret and then went for a wander.

Down to Trafalgar Square,

Wonder why there were no Pigeons about??!!

Australia House

St Mary's Aldermary in the background.

Canons Street Station

Leadenhall Market

Bishopsgate Churchyard

Liverpool Street Station

Now look at the far building.

And zoom in......

And odd building..

Bunfield cemetary.

LSO St Luke's

Looking back from St Luke's garden.

I had booked tickets to see the Pavel Haas Quartet but alas due to a family illness they had to cancel. They were very ably replaced by the Royal String Quartet with Cellist Guy Johnson.

The program consisted of Schubert's String Quintet in C Major.

The quintet is unusual since it adds an additional cello instead of a viola, it is also very long and intense. The time flew as the music was very involving. Excellent way to spend an hour!

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Tricia Ryder said...

Love Quacks in front of the lion... and yes, excellent concert!!