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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Technology? It wasn't meant to be like this

I awoke this morning to a dusting of snow on the ground..... it has long since gone. 

The day is dull, grey and cold and I didn't feel the inclination of going anywhere - what a wimp ;)

Anyway when I was lad TV programmes like Tomorrow's World (the BBC version not the awful American religious prog) painted a totally positive picture of technology.

Now of course technology has given us many wonderful things but when I was a lad I was promised that technology would mean shorter working weeks, more leisure etc etc. 

I appreciate here that I do get  a lot of leisure and holiday time ;) BUT technology has not reduced my workload nor given us shorter working weeks. Much to my father's bemusement I seldom leave work at a set time, also the mobile phone means we are constantly in contact and now these devices mean we can check our emails at any time. 

Whereas 20 years ago we could leave the office and that was that nowadays we are expected to be on call, to have the phone with us to check emails. Shops are open 7 days a week, and often 24 hours a day, and people now complain that shops are only open 10-4 on a Sunday. 

I appreciate that I often shop on a Sunday but I do yearn for an earlier age when Sunday was different. I can't help feel that family life would be better if people could spend time together, when I was a lad that's what people did on a Sunday, families spent time together now one parent is likely working.

I am told my generation is the last which will be better off than our parents, I really fear for people starting out today. No Job security, lots of debt and little chance of retirement. Not exactly a dream is it..... still technology means they can check facebook on their phone.....


churchaholic said...

Simple solution: go to church at 9am, having asked Sir round for lunch at 1pm leaving everything slow cooking until he arrives.

Have a pre lunch sherry or two and then eat the slush filth followed by a 70's delight pudding....take your pick but I'd go for semolina and and jam.

Technology be buggered foodwise we never had it so good.

And don't forget spam.

Tricia Ryder said...

I agree with your views. I can remember Sundays as being 'special'. We often went out for a walk as a family on a Sunday and have memories of winter walks then coming home into the warm.. glowing. Sunday just had a 'special' feel.

And technology is changing our lives in many ways... there's good and bad in this...

Ragged Robin said...

A great post Pete and very thought provoking and I agree with your points. When OH worked he was constantly expected to be on call and I remember him checking his phone for emails while away on holiday or on a day out and making calls from half way up a mountain to try and solve problems :( I think the opening of shops bank holidays, Sundays etc. should be stopped not hours extended - what sort of Christmas etc. do retail staff have? Surely people can go a few days without shops - would love a return to the quietness and specialness of Sundays in the past.