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Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year's Day

And so here we are and it is 2016.....

Sir and I wanted to get out for a stroll and headed to Anglesey Abbey. It is quite scary how advanced the plants are..... for instance quite a few snow drops out and more daffodils than last year

you can tell it was cooler dad went for his gloves!

The scone was DEFINITELY NOT a scone of the year contender.....

Mr Quacks didn't approve of the scone but he did of the snowdrops!

A nice stroll


Ragged Robin said...

Looks beautiful there as always. I've just checked Google Maps and its about 1 hr 40 mins from here - will have to try and persuade OH it would be a good place to visit!

Had a great book for Christmas - The Open Churches Trust "The Church Explorer's Handbook". Can't remember now if its one you said you had but I am very impressed with it :)

Pete Duxon said...

lol a bit far ;)

yes that is a good book

Tricia Ryder said...

I love Anglesey - always something colourful at all time of the year - pity about their scone baking though :(