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Monday, January 25, 2016


It is a curious thing..... when I was contemplating my 2015 holidays the one I most anticipated was the trip to Sorrento and the one I had doubts about was Guernsey.

I mean Sorrento, the bay of Naples! Capri! Italian Sun! Whereas Guernsey was a tiny piece of Britain stuck off of the coast of France. As I think I said at the time, as I flew out I had out to Guernsey I was thinking "what a mistake",  I could have been going to any of the great Cities of Europe.

But here's a funny thing, as I look back on the two holidays the one I enjoyed most was Guernsey. Sorrento was busy, full of people and if I'm honest lacked a bit of charm. Great views and all that and nice hotel but I have no desire to go back.

Whereas Guernsey? Yes I will go back! The islands were quiet and peaceful! Guernsey itself was charming! Yes there was great seafood in Sorrento but there was in Guernsey as well!

Is there anything left to do you say? Well there are bits of Sark to do as I never saw all of it! e.g.
Castle Cornet, The German Military Hospital, The German Occpation Museum, various megalithic tomb. lots of bays to discover! lots of coast to walk!

So I think Guernsey will be back on the agenda sooner than I thought!

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Tricia Ryder said...

Yes .. strange that eh... fell in love with Guernsey and was so disappointed with Sorrento .. a return trip to Guernsey is a must... more to see and do..