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Monday, October 05, 2015

Sorrento Day 2 - tasters

After one of the longest nights sleep for AGES I awoke to rain :( Luckily by the time I had eaten breakfast the rain had stopped so in just a t shirt I headed out (ok umbrella in bag !)

We decided it wasn't the day for a boat trip and we were too late really for the train to Herculaneum

The cathedral

On the advice of Laura an Italian lady who I know via facebook and met last year we headed for the Grande Marina which is not where you get the boats but a nice fishing harbour.

We had a coffee at a very small restaurant which served food caught in their boat!

One way to get your nets down!

Looking back the restaurant! Tables either outside or under umbrellas .

We went back for lunch catch fish clean serve!

The view

Pasta, Clams and Parmesan with a tomato salad oh and the obligatory wine :D

Two weddings in town.

Nice day! Further a field tomorrow.


Cindy said...

oh wow, Sorrento - it is on my ever-growing to visit list! I will enjoy following your posts and fab photos.

Pete Duxon said...

cheers Cindy.... it is nice but I love Italy :D