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Thursday, October 22, 2015


I was in London for a concert today although Trish was moaning about my checking work emails :(

Anyway I was early and so hopped off at St Paul's.

There was a WWII anniversary event being prepared for.

I had breakfast at Pret.

Mr Quacks sight seeing!


Commuters at London Bridge. They come in waves.

The Stig!

No idea!!

I saw a seal here! and as the crowds subsided I walked back to a pret for coffee and a read and wait for Trish! And back to the bridge to wait for Trish.

The Concert was at LSO St Lukes and featured Ronald Brautigam playing the Pianoforte. The programme featured sonata's written in London at the turn of the 18th century.

The Pianoforte is an older version of todays Grand Piano and has a lighter sound it was the instrument that the sonata's would have been played on. 

The concert was recorded as part of BBC Radio 3's Lunchtime series it was presented by Katie Derham who is currently starring on Strictly Come Dancing!

The programme was 
Cramer - Piano Sonata in E-flat major Op 43 No 3
Clementi - Piano Sonata in D major Op 25 No 6
Field - Piano Sonata in E-flat major Op 1 No 1
Haydn - Piano Sonata in E-flat major HOB XVI/52

and very good it was.

And no Katie Derham didn't give an en core with her partner Anton Du Beke.


Tricia Ryder said...

It was a very good concert and he played beautifully...

and, as you know.... wasn't 'moaning' at all... just being sympathetic you had to deal with work stuff on a day off :( ..

Ragged Robin said...

Looking at the sky in some of the first photos it looks as though you were there very early! Love the reflections in the metal sculptures :)