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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Historic Buildings...

After a week that has been a little on the damp side the sun shone so after getting my hair cut I headed to Kent..

The last time I went to Scotney Castle it was TIPPING it down so it was pleasant to see it in the sun...

Breakfast :)

As it was so glorious we didn't go indoors! Just down the road is Bayham "old" Abbey. It was a Premonstratensian Abbey that was closed down at the dissolution. It is called the old Abbey as a new Abbey House was built in 1872. 

Bayham is on the Kent/Sussex border this it the Kent gate. Presumably there was a Sussex gate.

The Dower House

And so we headed back and popped into walkaround the gardens of Chartwell.

JOCK!! JOCK!!! ok the little devil wouldn't pose but nice to see him.

Good day!

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