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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Church and some Cotswolds Gardens.

When I got back to the hotel last night for some reason I decided to see if there were any churches I might visit. I expected the answer to be no given how often I come here but knock me down there were two on my list that because they were away from the Cotswolds in Northamptonshire I had never done!!! One of these was closed for repair BUT one was open!

830 St Michael's Aynho

You will notice that the tower is much older than the body of the church.

As you walk to the Church you notice Aynho Park which was home to the Cartwright's for whom this was home. There are countless memorials for them in the church. They were soldiers and rectors.

The previous memorial is for the Revd Will Digby Cartwright who died in 1926. There is also a touching memorial for his two sons below. John and Nigel both died in WWI. They died two years apart but both aged 20. One near and the other at Ypres. The inscription at the bottom touchingly reads "lovely and pleasant in their lives in their death they were not divided".

Poignantly there are pictures of both young men.

And so I wandered off to the excellent Bourton House Garden.

Just done the road is Mill Dene Garden which is TOTALLY different in character!

Mr Quacks giving the next batsman a pep talk before he goes out to bat on the wicket below.

And finally Sezincote which is different again!

Ah the house! It was built at the start of the 19th century and is heavily influenced by India.... I know you would never guessed. The Prince Regent was in the area at the time and given how heavily talked about it was he went to see it and it is said this is what influenced the Brighton Pavilion.

The Orangery where you can drink a cuppa.

The house is visited by guided tour and no photos. It was in a poor state in the mid 20th Century but has been very sympathetically restored. It is very well worth visiting if you are in the area.

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Tricia Ryder said...

Oh I did enjoy our visit to Sezincote.. wish I'd been there again but... lovely pics and glad Quacks had a ride on the elephant .. and love the pic of Q and the Wombles :)