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Saturday, August 01, 2015

I'm in Marsport without Hilda

I'm meant to be in Yorkshire with Trish but alas she can't make the first part of the hols so Mr Quacks and I are enjoying the peace and quiet.

I had churches on my agenda but a closed road kyboshed that and I headed straight to Beningbrough Hall


The house has no photos.... this is I assume because it is has a number of pictures on loan from the National Portrait Gallery..

Anyway I decided to head towards my hotel and the further north I went the rain came ..... I was still a little early so I headed to Rievaulx Terrace. Built by Thomas Duncome of Duncombe Park. It overlooks the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey which would be more picturesque if it wasn't raining!!

There was a sculpture trail.... so off  I set

The temple was used as a dining room!! with a kitchen below. It is beautifully decorated.

Anyone care to work out what the title is from ;)

The pub has no mobile reception and the wifi is in the lounge......


Ragged Robin said...

A short story by Isaac Asimov! You won't be surprised to know I have some of his books!! What's the unexpected assignment then?

Lovely post Pete - love the hall and gardens and the sculptures. Particularly like the one of the lady with her eyes closed and a butterfly (a peacock?).

Do hope the weather improves.

Pete Duxon said...

lol no assignment.... just trish not being here. read all of his stuff

Tricia Ryder said...

and I very much wish I was there... looks fantastic and terrific views. Sorry it rained... which is strange as I'm the bringer of rain.. lol ... Ponders says 'hi' to Quacks and he's glad Q is having a good time... sigh..