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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Ecclesiastical Buildings

As I wandered to the car this morning it was raining..... however by the time I had arrived at Fountains Abbey the rain had stopped .

Fountains is one of the largest and best preserved Cistercian monasteries in Britain. I've not visited in a while so I thought today was as good as any,

Whenever I visit ruined Abbey's I am struck by wondering how they must have looked in their pomp, Fountains has the scale of a Cathedral ....

The water gardens were part of Studley Royal House which was destroyed in 1946.....

Lunch! Yes folks this all I had since breaky!!

We ummed and ahhed but it crept a Mr Quacks.....  good taste.

My companions

I could have wandered around Fountains Hall, walked to the magnificent victorian church (been before and on blog)  or gone for a read but instead I headed North through some amazing scenery..

My church list has not moved much so lets get it shifting....

819 St Michael & All Angels Downholme

So I headed towards ANOTHER target 

820 St Agatha's Easby..

The church is next to ruins of Easby Abbey. The church was not as magnificent as Fountain's but is still a pretty imposing building.

I could have gone for another church but instead headed south to show you another amazing ruined abbey

Rievaulx Abbey you glimpsed yesterday and ranks with Fountains as one of the country most amazing ruined abbeys.

If things go to plan you'll get more ruins tomorrow and another church.and yes another scone! :D


Ragged Robin said...

The Abbeys are just beautiful Pete - I've never been to either. Must go to Yorkshire for a holiday one day. Like the paintings in the 2nd church and the stained glass.

Tricia Ryder said...

Wow - it really is as amazing as I thought it would be- in fact both the abbeys are - would loved to have been there too...

Glad you got the coal tit... nice one. and Quacks seems to be enjoying the view...