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Friday, July 10, 2015

Sunday Sunday

It seems that we might be about to see Sunday become just another day of the week. As part of the Budget I believe the Chancellor is giving the powers to extend Sunday openings to local authorities. His view is that this is part of his localism agenda. Local people should have the power decide on their area.

Now as i see the problem with this is if authority A allows it then the neighbouring authority B will be forced to allow it as local businesses will claim to be at a disadvantage. Workers will be at a disadvantage as they will be under pressure to work Sundays and any new staff will be forced to accept 7 day working . Yes I know it is a choice but if you need a job then well you need a job! Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to say stuff it. And I'm sure we all know the major retailers will put pressure on their staff.

Though I may not like shops be opening on a Sunday of course I understand why they are. If you are doing DIY being able to pop now to B&Q or somesuch is handy. If you need something for the ingredient "oh no out of Mint Sauce!" it is handy to nip down to the store.

What worries me is in these days of 24-7 you could have partners who barely get a weekend together or with the children and call me old fashioned but I like the idea of families being able to spend time together.

There is also the impact on small businesses. The big retailers can get the staff to cover but very difficult for a family firm. And do we really have any more money to spend?

Of course I sit here and cringe as I do go shopping on a Sunday with my Dad on a Sunday Morning (convenient) and I know that if my Tesco was opening 24-7 I'd nip down at 6am on a Sunday to beat the crowds.

That doesn't mean it is right and perhaps that is why we elect governments to protect us from ourselves! Yes I agree with personal choice but should my choices impinge on someone else.

But I guess I yearn for simpler times and they aren't coming back.

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