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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Summit Meeting.......

I had this blog planned, I had a title and although everything I wanted to happen did.... well sort of...... a few extra things happened.

It all started when the National Trust property Claydon House started posting photos of the Claydon Castaway a soft toy that had been found there and they were hoping to rehome. As the Castaway hasn't been reclaimed I decided we ought to meet!

So this morning I headed to Buckinghamshire. As I headed up the A41 I realised I was a bit early and suddenly realised I hadn't checked to see if I hadn't any churches to visit and found that 5 miles away there was one. No idea why as I've been to the area before.

817 St Mary, Twyford.

So off to Claydon.

Claydon House is a partnership between the National Trust and the Verney family who still own the garden. So the garden is only reduced membership for Trust members. I was already to pass over my fiver when the young man said "unless you are member of the HHA". Which of course I am!! Result!!!

It has a decent view eh!

The church of Middle Claydon, All Saints, sits next to the house.

Off to the garden. Which I might add is pretty.

WOW look what I found!!!

There were Red Kites overhead flying with the sun behind them or too far away. GGGRRRR

The house. What remains today is the 'west wing'; this at one time had an identical twin, which contained the ballroom, and other state apartments. The twin wings were separated by a huge colonnaded rotunda surmounted by a cupola. It must have been amazing! It's pretty fine today.

Alas there are no photos inside.... from what the volunteer said pictures have been allowed in previous years. No idea why I think some of these decisions are dependent on the  property manager.

The interior has some truly amazing carvings with lots of Georgian Rococo and the Chinese room is certainly a talking point. Florence Nightingale was related to the family and spent time here.

The house was used for the filming of the recently released Far from the Madding Crowd and some of the costumes worn by Carey Mulligan are on display.

There are also talking portraits in some of the rooms that tell you a bit more about what's going on.... quite a good idea really.

My scone... NUKED...... WHY!!!! WHY!!!!

and of course the event of the year.....

Mr Quacks and the Claydon Castaway

It was a good day.


Ragged Robin said...

How cute is the Claydon Castaway :) - do hope they find its owner.

Beautiful churches Pete and Claydon looks lovely. Well done on the Hummingbird Hawkmoth - had one in our cottage garden on holiday last week though only managed a totally blurred photo!

oldcrow61 said...

The garden is very pretty as is the Hawk Moth. Do hope Claydon finds him way home.

Tricia Ryder said...

Nice one on the Hummingbird Hawkmoth.. and perhaps I'll visit one day...