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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sconeathon, Birds, a Castle and a Church

I noticed that this would be my 3000th blog so lets make it special!

Today was SCONEATHON at Dunwich Heath so off we headed....

The weather was glorious!!


Dear God!! OK not great but a shot of a Dartford Warbler!

So off to eat a scone....

The Menu!!!!!!

Did you seriously expect that Dunwich wouldn't gain a Mr Quacks?? Of course not!!

A Pimms inspired scone and Strawberries and Cream!

Blueberry and Lemon - scone of the year contender!!

Raspberry and Clotted Cream!

always one!!

So off we toddled to Framlingham Castle.... on the way we passed Shawgate Vineyard and had a taster and bought a bottle or two... shock that!

Which was re-built by Roger Bigod 1st Earl of Norfolk and his wife Ida at the end of the twelth century. The original was pulled down because his father rebelled against Henry II and backed the young king whereas Roger was loyal to Henry II. I sounded reasonably intelligent telling Trish this but curiously I had just read a book by Elizabeth Chadwick about Roger and Ida!!

These two young ladies were waiting for a  wedding at the nearby church.....

Trish .... oh for god sake that is unfair....

Into town which is a nice small market town

As I say there was a wedding in the church. The church is lovely take my word for it!

We picked up some cheese :D

For the bridge and groom.

We had purchased a few scones for lunch.

Almond and Apricot

Cherry and Marzipan

Chocolate & Chilli

818 Walpole Old Chapel

Its the oldest dissenter chapel in the country. It was converted from domestic buildings in 1649.

Oh and more cheese purchased on way home!!


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Z said...

Lovely pictures, as always. Lucky you, seeing a Dartford Warbler. I did see (and hear) a nightjar at Dunwich Heath some years ago, also glowworms, which I found very thrilling.

Ragged Robin said...

Very jealous of all those delicious scones and the Dartford Warbler photo :)!!! You do visit some great places (beats amusement parks!! ) :) Lovely post and photos again Pete.