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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bodiam Castle and Smallhythe Place

I was meant to be doing something else today but the weather forecast was good and so we thought got to take advantage of it so......

So off to Bodiam Castle

As I hadn't had breaky....... it was pretty good needed a bit more time in the oven??

My breaky companion

Bodiam is what many people think of when they imagine the perfect castle. It was built in 1385  the castle was dismantled during the English Civil War in the 1640's

There were LOADS of Mallards about looking for food ..... this female was just enjoying the sun.

 As you imagine Mr Quacks approves of a place so welcoming for Mallards

So where to now? There are some lovely properties nearby both private and NT..... I commented however that the Smallhythe Place was nearby and happened to be across the road from Chapel Down Vineyard.... guess where Tricia chose??

Smallhythe was built around the turn of the 15th century and was the home of Victorian Actress Ellen Terry.

We shared the scone...... and a very nice Stilton Platter....

This is the church of St John the Baptist Smallhythe next to the priest house.

Got to love this bank of flowers!!

The house is fully of items owned by Ellen Terry and other theatrical memorabilia.

A few souvenirs from Chapel Down!


Ragged Robin said...

Gorgeous castle Pete and the stained glass windows are very beautiful. Great photos and love the bank of flowers :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Was somewhat better weather than the last time we were there... lovely day out :)