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Sunday, June 28, 2015

West Green House Gardens

West Green House doesn't feel very National Trust. No oak leaf signs guiding you etc etc...... but that's not a problem.

The house hosts an opera festival and the house is not open to the public but the pretty garden is....

As it started raining and like a numpty i'd left my jacket in the car to the tea room.

Me (with worried expression as none on display) - Fruit Scone
Girl - I don't think we're doing them today. I could check?

For some reason she didn't (may have been my fault) and  I just slinked off home. I've found out subsequently there were scones mutter.

But the garden is lovely and well worth visiting.


Tricia Ryder said...

Garden looks very pretty... one I need to bear in mind for a visit.. pity the scones were late... Quacks seems to have enjoyed his visits too... :)

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful gardens Pete - what a shame about the scone!

Sorry for late comment - we've been on IofW for a week! So enjoyed seeing all the beautiful places you have visited on your holiday - thanks so much for sharing :)

Heidi-Elizabeth said...

I love your mallard, is he your mascot?? We have one for my son, he still loves it now even though he is 5 and he had it when he was a tiny baby!! I will have to share you adventures with him!

Pete Duxon said...

Hi H-E

yep Mr Quacks is my mascot and travelling companion :D......

I love the little fella even though I'm still a little older than 5.... cough cough