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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Castle Drogo and Finch Foundry

It is an unusual feeling for your blogger being on Holiday in England and being on my own!!! The PEACE the QUIET!!! LOL

I'm in Devon for two days and the hotel I was intending to book was full so a change of plans was in order. As the hotel is near Castle Drogo I headed there.

Castle Drogo was built by Julius Drewe (founder of Home and Colonial Stores) between 1911 and 1930 and designed by Edwin Lutyens.

The Castle is suffering under dartmoor's weather and is undergoing a four year programme of restoration. Because of that the interior is in a state of flux and there are a number of art installations.

As you can see the Castle is undercover....

installation on the theme of leaks.

as if nothing was done to the castle and nature took over.

Lunch...... I will suggest it wasn't quite freshly baked....

Curiously on the roads around Castle Drogo I kept seeing Bullfinch..... also Raven.

So on to Finch Foundry a 19th Century water-powered forge in the village of Stickleback. The Foundry did well until a combination of automation and a road bypass ....

There was an interesting demonstration and talk about the forge.

They could produce 400 tools a day.

Foundry workers

The family

Alas not home made.... I'll forgive them as the property is small and they probably don't have the facilities.

So this is my room..... !!


Ragged Robin said...

Great start to the holiday and super pictures Pete. The garden especially at Castle Drogo looks gorgeous. Love that thatched summer house type building :) Nice hotel room!

Tricia Ryder said...

So glad you're enjoying the peace and quiet.. cheeky :)

Castle Drogo looks fascinating and the foundry something altogether different. The flowers really sing out... and pics really sharp of the birds and the bee.

and as for your room.... lol... very nice indeed!!