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Monday, May 18, 2015

Exploring Rocquaine Bay

After a fabulous meal last night Mixed Crab as a starter. Monkfish and Scallops for main with cheese to finish ..... all the cheeses were Guernsey cheeses and the Fort Grey was one I particularly liked! Oh washed down with Prosecco :)

Woke to drizzle and wind so a boat trip was out! So after some some shopping we head to the west coast. We parked at the Southern end of Rocquaine Bay and walked along the coast towards Fort Pezeries

Lots of birds singing but the highlight was a Puffin sitting on an outcrop of rock.

So we bought a tea from a kiosk and drank it in the car before heading North.

We stopped for lunch opposite Fort Grey and had crab sandwiches,

As we popped out of the cafe the sun came out!!

The Fort contains an interesting museum on ship wrecks,,,,,

Oh and we saw a Scandanavian Rock Pipit!!

The orchid fields were looking good and we also saw a Marsh Harrier flyover.

We were a bit late to walk to Lihou Island but had a wander on the Fort Saumarez side,,,,

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