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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shaun the Sheep Trail Part 1

Well I was in Central London today (appraisal - they haven't sacked me LOL) so I took the camera. I was hoping for a relaxing lunch but on the train I got a call to say I was needed for a late meeting in Barking..... so I ate my Pret on the go and .......

as I walked out of Fenchurch Street Station....

39. Liberty Bell

38. Shaun-xiao

37. Yeoman of the Baard

40. Kanzashi

41 Shanghai Shawn

42. Robo-Shaun

30 The Guardian

25, Hamish

24. Literary Lamb

21. Sheep Shape and Bristol Fashion

22. Out of this world

23. Baa-roque

26. Chelsea Pension-Shaun-er

27.  A Capital View

28. Fine & Dandy

29. Wooly Wiggle

There are 50 in all so 16 down...... Curiously there are two close to the office tomorrow SO!!!

1 comment:

Tricia Ryder said...

They are amazing.... look forward to the next 2.. :)