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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Lunchtime concert

My first day off in MONTHS!!!

I was to a concert at LSO St Lukes. As I left the house it started SNOWING!!!!

I was in London and it was wet and drizzling so I parked myself at Pret at Leicester Square ate breakfast had a coffee waiting for Stanfords (a travel book shop) to open. Had a nose around bought nothing and then wandered to London Bridge to meet up with Trish.

I did have a camera but as it was dull grey cold and drizzling I never once used it. I got to Pret at London Bridge and ordered a coffee and read whilst waiting for her..... Upon her arrival she grabbed a coffee. We wandered off in the direction of St Luke's. Alas no squirrels in Bunhill cemerary.

Lunch was in Pret, notice a trend here? Tuscan soup! Getting ready for the first holiday of the year!

The concert was the Cellist Natalie Clein and pianist Sergio Tiempo.

So the programme

J S Bach Suite No 3 in C major for Solo Cello BMV 1009
Chopin 6 preludes from Op 28
Shostakovich Sonata for Cello and Piano in D minor Op 40

The programme had changed from when booked with a Shostakovich sonata replacing a Mendelssohn one which I was a little disappointed by when I heard a few weeks back.

The first two works were solo so both artists got their place in the sun. Very different works although the Chopin preludes were inspired by ones written by Bach.

The two came together for the Shostakovich and SHOCK HORROR Natalie Clein spoke to the audience!! A classical performer engaging with the audience! Nice to see!!

The Shosta is a work I'd not listen to at home but liked live!! Very intense performance and I enjoyed it.


Nora said...

Even if it is dull and cloudy, more pictures are required! Glad you are getting out and about. Come and hear my orchestra today.

Pete Duxon said...

i'll be out today :D