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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scotney Castle and Quebec House

The weather was rubbish but I had to go somewhere so down to Scotney Castle.

Scotney is a ruined 14th century castle in a lovely garden with a later Victorian Mansion. Alas the rubbish weather means the photos don't do it justice. There is also a cat who was not performing. Really the National Trust needs to put their cats on a training course ;)

There was an art installation in the castle.

A bit of Henry Moore

Lunch! No I never had two, we cut them in half and shared.

Maple and Walnut, lovely!


On another day I could have sat and read in the garden but as it was pretty lousy I reluctantly head elsewhere.

Quebec House is on the way home so we went there. The house is a smallish town house that is famed in the General James Wolfe the hero of Quebec lived here for a while.

There was a small tearoom but alas no scones!