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Monday, January 19, 2015

I Saw Two Englands

Long term readers of this blog will know I like old guide books (the facsimile Baedekers of GB from 1890 and 1937 and the London one from 1900 are fascinating) and the travel books of HV Morton.

From what I gather Morton wasn't a particularly nice person but his books are fascinating.

I've not read all of the In Search of books. I have read England (1927), Wales(1932) and London (1951) - Ireland and Scotland to go. I've also read A Stranger in Spain (1955) and the three books about Italy: A Traveller in Italy (1964), A Traveller in Rome (1957) and a Traveller in Southern Italy (1969).

Given I have travelled in Italy a lot since I started first read these I want to go back and read the Italian ones (A Traveller In Italy may be my companion to Florence!). I seem to remember him being fascinated by Southern Italy and I sort of want to go to Puglia (The heel of Italy).  So many places, so little time.

I also have his Holy Land books to read In the Steps of the Master, In the Steps of St Paul and Through the Lands of the Bible (written in the 1930's). These sit waiting to be read but so far......

So you ask why have I bought another of his books? Well he wrote a number of  books that are now out of print and I came across a seller on Amazon selling 1989 reprint of his "I saw Two Englands". The book was written as two journeys the first in May 1939 when Morton thought war with Germany was inevitable and the second in October 1939 when war had been declared. This struck me as interesting and given including postage it was under £7..... Photograhper Tommy Candler recreated the journeys and it includes her photos (I'd probably prefer photos from 1939 but..... given that price!).

When I finish my latest read it will be the next in the pile (it arrived today!)


Ragged Robin said...

You're tempting me to spend more money on books again!!

Pete Duxon said...

as if i'd be so nasty :D

Tricia Ryder said...

It does sound a fascinating read.. and yes, he writes so well...