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Monday, December 22, 2014

It's dull and grey so a bloggers thoughts turn to holidays

Whilst everyone else is setting out of office indicators I am manning the fort over Christmas and New Year. My usual comment is holiday? I save that for when the weather is warm!

So I spent lunch today finalising my 2015 holiday plans and booking them!

March sees me enjoying 7 nights in Florence touring Tuscany.

May sees me head to Guernsey. This will be interesting as I haven't been since I was 5 or 6. Guernsey for those who don't know is a small island (part of the Channel Islands) off of the french coast as is one of the few possessions the crown still retains from the Dukedom of Normandy. I suspect this will feel British with a French twist.

Turquis will be pleased that
  • June sees me heading to Devon and Cornwall - on my own :) 
  • August sees me heading for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
  • September sees me heading for the Cotswolds - on my own :)

The holiday season finishes in October with me heading to Sorrento

The August holiday was meant to be North Somerseta and Devon BUT the hotel in Devon was unavailable so reverted to plan b :)

June was meant to almost be a repeat of last September with 2 nights at the Sea Trout at Staverton, 4 nights at Trehellas house in Cornwall and then return to the Sea Trout. The sea trout wasn't free for the first weekend and so I had to rethink! I've found somewhere else which is good and instead of the Sea Trout I'm off to the hotel that was full in August. Trish may just kill be for that!

She is not pleased about the Cotswolds either :)

Bring it on! 

1 comment:

Tricia Ryder said...

Given the holidays we are having... that makes missing the Cotwolds and The Belfrey bearable... the word is.... almost!!