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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Worcester Cathedral and Hanbury Hall

So after a nice meal last night and a hearty breakfast we headed off to Worcester,,,,,

Tomb of King John

Worcester was a priory when Henry VIII enacted the reformation many Abbey's and priories were diseastablished Worcester escaped. I understand that this is because the church is home to two royal tombs. One is King John (above) but more importantly here because Arthur Prince of Wales (the elder brother of Henry VIII is buried here.

The death of Arthur is one of histories great what ifs. If Arthur hadn't died in 1502 he would have become king and the reformation would not have happened. Henry wouldn't have married Catherine of Aragon (Arthur's widow) and no six wives.

The chantry tomb is a masterpiece of late gothic art and was constructed by craftsmen working on Henry VII chapel at Westminster Abbey.

The plan had been to visit the National Trust's Greyfriars but the car park was exorbitant and hanging around a for an hour and a half in the grey and cold seemed silly so we headed to Hanbury Hall.

I've been there a few times over the years and it is ALWAYS grey !! The National Trust will ban me!!

After yesterday's NT scone disaster this was a pleasant site!!

We had Leek Soup and a scone which was good!!

The walled garden has chickens !

I have fond memories of this! I once got caught in a downpour and spent an hour here reading!

There were only a few rooms open inside and this was by guided tour. This was a good one telling you the story and gossip about the family. Do search out the goings on of Henry Cecil and Emma Vernon.

Despite the dull weather a good day.


churchaholic said...

"the reformation would not have happened" without his death is slightly presumptive. The times were becoming increasingly anti Romish and the outcome if he'd lived might have been the same, albeit with more female heads attached to necks as a result!

Pete Duxon said...

Thanks for the comment and I should have added probably :D

The big driver for Henry was his divorce so I think the threat of separation would have been greatly reduced and the English are a conservative bunch... if the king wasn't driving it.......

Interesting to wonder what if Arthur had lived, as I say it is one of histories great what ifs.....

Ragged Robin said...

Worcester looks a stunning cathedral Pete - its long been on my list of places to visit. Beautiful photos too of Hanbury Hall which has escaped my radar up until now. Have googled it and its not that far away so may try and go next year :)

ps Croome today looks lovely too :)