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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Oxburgh Hall

The plan had been to go to Oxburgh Hall last weekend but instead I had 2 extra days in Venice. Yeah yeah I know it's a hard life. So as I was free today off I went.

I haven't been up that way for a while and as I was early I nipped into Waitrose in Swaffham for essential supplies.....

As I got out of the car the rain started.....

at this point it was hammering down and I thought blow this for a game of soldiers I'll look around the house!

Priest hole! you can climb down!

It was still a bit damp and I headed in for lunch I was too early for soup so just the obligatory fruit scone. It had the virtue of being warm but the consistency was wrong  bit like it had been microwave heated from yesterday. I'm sure the trust will be outraged by the suggestion but you know when something is microwaved and some bits are a little hard? Still plenty of fruit and it was warm!

Oh I had a bit of company....

Note for the National Trust WHY are we asked to order before we get in the tearoom!! Anyone ordering the cake needs to see it first!!

The rain had eased so a quick look around the gardens...

annoyingly I mislaid a camera battery GROWL!!

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