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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Broadway, Snowshill, Chipping Campden and Hidcote

A bit of a tour today.

We wandered into the small town of Broadway.

Like a lot of the small Cotswold towns there are lots of speciality food stores you don't see elsewhere. Pricey but worth a treat!

I was tempted and I can resist everything other than temptation!!

Just up the road is Snowshill...... the house wasn't open but we went for a stroll around the garden (which had lots of birds).

record shot of first Siskin of the year!

Lunch! Not bad.

And so into Chipping Campden

At one point whilst Trish was doing up her laces I nipped into a shop. I knew she would find me as this was a wine/cheese shop :) No I didn't buy!!

St James Church

Part of a medieval cope. Very rare in England  I think.

On to nearby Hidcote.....

interesting the variety of NT scones. Again not bad but not a top 10 scone......

I do like holidaying in England


Z said...

Wherever I go, I love to check out the local independent food shops. A really nice greengrocer, with lots of local. seasonal products, is my idea of a good place to live.

turquis said...

Amazing photos. Best in a long time.

Pete Duxon said...

Z - even the Budgen's in Moreton looks pretty decent! The problem is that the small shops are pricey hey ho!!

Turquis - more UK hols next year :D

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful photos Pete - I've never been to Snowshill so was good to see more of your pics from there and I MUST return to Hidcote next year (probably my favourite NT garden!).

Love the independent shops when we go away too but as you say some can be pricey!

The church is wonderful and also looks well worth a visit!!