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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Venice Day 4 Part 1 - Doges Palace, St Marks and San Giorgio Maggiore

It wasn't the amazing blue sky of the day before but the light was atmospheric.

Firstly off to St Mark's square

and into the Doge's Palace

there were lots of no photo signs and it wasn't until a fair way into the walkaround that we found out it was no flash. So no photos for you lot but it meant I guess I got to appreciate it. Fascinating building well worth a visit.

It was high tide and that meant water coming through the pavement which even happened in St Mark's basilica.

Again no pics but I think it would have been no flash. If I'm honest I was disappointed it needed way better lighting to see it in its glory. If I'm honest there is another more amazing church to come later in the trip.

Some views from the terrace

We got the boat from the main island to San Giorgio Maggiore

this did allow pics inside.

nice lift up to the top of the bell tower (I'd hate to be there when they went off - some were later!!)

and so back to the hotel for Part 2

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