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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Doges Palace, Churches and Venice by boat

So  we are happily eating our meal when Trish gets a text saying that due to a one day strike our flights on Friday have been cancelled!!! PANIC!!!

We've now rearranged them but the earliest we can get is Sunday. The hotel had just had a cancellation so rooms are ok as well. So two nights extra in Venice and we intend claiming from Easyjet......... it's a hard life ....

The weather was not as good today, bit cooler! It was a high tide as water was coming up through the pavement!!

The Doges Palace..... we eventually twigged that it was no FLASH photography inside but didn't bother...... better sometimes to just look. Ooh look a Tintoretto oh another ooh a Veronese......

We also went around San Marco's basilica. I mean its amazing and all that but only if lit as it was it was a little underwhelming?

We took the  boat over to look around the church of San Giorgio Maggiore

The view from the bell tower..

This afternoon we had a private boat tour..... with......

Someone may have had the odd glass..........

Pricey? You bet ya! Worth it oh yeah!

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