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Saturday, October 25, 2014


When I come to do a full blog next week I dread to think how many pics I'll post. You have been warned!!

Anyway today is overtime thanks to the flight cancellation. We headed over to Murano famed for its glass. And boy is there a lot of it! and boy is some of it pricey!!

Getting your veggies off of a boat!!

Wine anyone?

The Basilica dei Santa Maria e Donato.... lovely church

Trish waiting for the boat back!

Lunch and bubbles

This is situated by Santi Giovanni e Paolo which is an amazing church and will get a post in its own right. So much more impressive than St Mark's in my view. Gresham's school choir were rehearsing there which was lovely to hear and made it even more atmospheric

after a coffee we heading for a last look at St Mark's

two weddings....

and some last gondolier's

One more meal in our fave restaurant before reality hits :D

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