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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chartwell and Emmetts

I am in Sussex for the weekend and en route stopped at a couple of National Trust properties.

If you leave around Westerham you are positively spoilt for choice!!

Anyway first Trust property was Chartwell the home of Sir Winston Churchill. Although the house is homely rather than grand but it is liveable and the garden is one I really like......

from the shop.....

lots of warning signs about these guys :)

We had had a light breaky so it was SCONE time !!! And very good it was too.

A few miles along the road is Emmetts Garden so.....

Yes yes another scone! I thought I was going to be disappointed but actually it was very good.

On the way back we passed the Bolney Vineyard and well we had to pop in didn't we.

Good day

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Ragged Robin said...

Lovely pics of two beautiful gardens :) Enjoy your holiday.