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Friday, October 31, 2014

Venice Day 5 - Strike Day

So today was Strike day. The plan was to head to Murano but with the strike we decided to go for a wander the main island.

Trish on the Rialto with a friend...

Not impressed eh!

And on to the Rialto Market.... I like Italian markets they really showcase fresh food.

Pigeon's taking advantage of a fountain!

 We stopped for coffee

I have Mr Quacks ..... an Italian has his monkey!

Some of my female friends will recognise these.

Angelo Raffaelle

San Sebiastiano.... amazing church. The nave and baptistery have roofs painted by Paolo Veronese. There are 15 paintings. Stunning!

The lunch spot.

Trish offered to buy me a coffee in St Mark's given you could buy a bottle of wine for two coffees I said spend it on the wine!

I love how plants grow out of the wall.